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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 20, 2014

Contact: Scott Wheeler 202-441-9276

Republican Trust Poll Shows Stone Wins GA12 Primary without Runoff Based on New Leadership Pledge

Stone Garners 74% in Primary Based on Pledge

(WASHINGTON, DC) – Polling in Georgia’s 12th Congressional District last week by the National Republican Trust Political Action Committee (RTPAC) shows conservative candidate John Stone will win the Republican primary in a landslide based on his status as the first House candidate in the country to pledge to vote for an entire new House Leadership team to end the increasingly bitter GOP civil war between conservative House members and the GOP establishment.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 16, 2013

Toxic Boehner: GOP Group Will Withhold Endorsement of Candidates Unless They Pledge to Oppose Boehner’s reelection as Speaker


The National Republican Trust PAC announces a new standard for candidates receiving support in the upcoming election:

Republican candidates must pledge to oppose John Boehner for reelection as Speaker of the House when the new Congress convenes following the 2014 election. The PAC will only endorse and support candidates who pledge to oppose Boehner if he seeks another term as Speaker of the House. The PAC’s new pledge follows Speaker Boehner’s recent attacks on conservative organizations that opposed the Ryan/Murray budget agreement and that were divisive and unnecessary, especially considering the bill that passed the House replaced real budget cuts with Washington style tentative cuts that were even much smaller than the Sequester it replaced.

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New Radio ad angers Obama regime
More Lies Won't Fix Obamacare

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We Can Win the Shutdown! 
Help get this ad on the radio everywhere!

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Demand elected representatives do not vote for any spending bill

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We're All Clowns Now

IRS scandalThis week there has been enormous news coverage about a Missouri rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask. The news coverage and the reaction from the political class was ridiculous! The media and the statists were wailing and moaning about how awful it is to mock our self appointed rulers. Democrat Senator (and dirty trickster) Claire McCaskill said "this incident is shameful." 

What is really shameful is how the political establishment has declared themselves our rulers and think they are above criticism. Especially the Democrats who didn't open their mouths when their people were savaging George W. Bush.

Here is what we do: WE MOCK THEM! If they want to hold themselves out as being above criticism, we should criticize them...starting with Obama! Introducing THE OBAMA CLOWN MASK!



Order Your Copy Today for Our Special Introductory Price!

Now you can get the book that foretold much of what is happening right now by ordering Promoting Decline: Obama vs. America on compact disc. Read by the author, Scott Wheeler, Promoting Decline: Obama vs. America reveals the lies, and brings forth the evidence of the corruption in the Obama administration and its efforts to diminish the United States of America.

Radio Broadcast legend Barry Farber recently said: "These might be the four most powerful words in a book title."

Promoting Decline: Obama vs. America reveals:

  • Lies about Obama's health care bill
  • How Obama provided U. S. tax dollars to the terrorist group Hamas
  • Obama's attacks on the Tea Parties
  • Obama's stimulus funding of a radical Marxist group that called for a revolution
  • Plus: Wheeler's analysis of Obama's "economic deviancy" and how Republicans could have stopped Obama's anti-American agenda.


Order Today and get Promoting Decline: Obama vs. America  for $12.00 plus $3 dollars shipping and handling.

Chaos and Panic in Obama Regime

IRS scandalThis is urgent: we need to act fast before the media helps Obama sweep this under the rug!


Exposure of the corrupt lying frauds in the Washington Political Establishment is the crucial first step in taking our country back from the brink.... We are part of the way into a major strategy to do just that.

YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THE NEXT STEP! We are developing a script for a potent new television ad that will challenge the thinking of the low-information voters and drive them away from the Democrats. This will move us one step closer to impeaching Obama and bringing his corrupt henchmen to justice.

Exclusive: Breaking News on IRS Scandal 

IRS ScandalThis Has Not Been Reported Yet -- We Wanted You to Know First. With corruption comes an opportunity for real change!

Lois Lerner, the figure at the center of the IRS attack of Tea Parties and Conservatives lives on a $2.5 million estate in a posh neighborhood in Bethesda, Maryland. That is pretty high living on a government salary.

Lerner, who recently tried to claim her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination (after claiming she had "done nothing wrong") cohabitates in her luxurious digs with her spouse, Michael R. Miles, who is employed as a -- wait for it -- Tax Attorney! What a coincidence!

Help Get This Ad on National Television
New Benghazi Ad Proves Obama Lied

The truth about Benghazi and Obama's cover-up must be told.

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Stop the Benghazi Cover-Up



We have an opportunity to do something extraordinary. We can run ads in vulnerable democrats districts and states educating and galvanizing the voters which can force democrats to demand further action against Obama -- strategically this would be powerful!

Welfare-Sponsored Terrorism

It is time to start jamming the collective signal of the liberal, Democrats, and progressives.

We now have a lot of recent knowledge to work with -- and if we do this right, we can expose these plutocrats as the corrupt liars they are. Whether or not we can do this right depends on YOU! Once again it is up to us to change the course of history and reverse the decline of the United States. We can do this with your help.

Right now, Obama is making Democrats that are up for reelection vulnerable but we must drive them further over the edge and make them less popular -- with the low information voters. This is a project we have been working on in secret for quite a while. We need to move on this right away BEFORE THE POLITICAL season begins and the airwaves and internet are crowded with political messaging. We need to make Democrats defend themselves for their corruption and destruction of our nation right now and then carry it over into the political season with Democrats on defense.

National Republican Trust Endorses John Stone for GA

Battered Republican SyndromeThe National Republican Trust PAC announces its endorsement of John Stone for the U.S. House of Representatives in the race for the 12th District of Georgia.

We are making this early endorsement because we believe John Stone is highly qualified and will respect the Constitution and individual liberty, the foundation of a free society.

John Stone will bring fresh ideas, experience and skills to the House of Representatives that the nation needs and conservatives demand.  He will not only represent the values of East Georgia, he will add a powerful voice for reform to the House Republican Conference, that will help bring House Republicans back to constitutional principles, regular order, and the Rule of Law.

It is imperative that conservatives in the 12th District and nationwide unite now behind John Stone in this race, to ensure that this seat is not sacrificed to a needless and bitter Republican primary that would again hand this strong Republican district over to Nancy Pelosi.

For those reasons we are asking that all national conservative organizations join us in immediately endorsing John Stone in one of the most important races of the 2014 election.


Battered Republican Syndrome

Battered Republican SyndromeThe Republican Party's reaction to the 2012 election is once again missing the point. The Republicans do not have a "message problem" as their latest analysis would suggest; they have a tactics problem.  And despite the Democrats' insistence that Obama's reelection represented a blanket endorsement of their agenda by American voters, their message remains highly unpopular. Why else would they be so vague and esoteric about what they believe? The Democrats adopt euphemisms like "fairness" and "a fair shot" because if they were frank about their true intentions, they would struggle for votes.

So why should Republicans seek ideological androgyny with such a party? They shouldn't, but they should adopt Democrat Party tactics...

Political Clinic coming to your area

For more information email

An Important Message from Executive Director, Scott Wheeler:

We Can't Send Boy Scouts To Take On The Mob!

The Leftist Democrats are moving on us right now because they think we are weak. They hate us for what we believe and we distrust them for wanting to impose their will on us. We have been studying the patterns to see how far they will attempt to go with their extremist agenda. We see them moving to exert more control over guns, and if they think they can get away with it, they will go for an outright ban on guns and dispense with the Second Amendment altogether. 

Once the Second Amendment is gone, the First won't be far behind -- because words can cause people to die too, they will tell us. We already see the liberal-dominated media questioning the validity of our ideas, and whether the US Constitution is even relevant anymore. Obama is now making the case that Congress does not have the authority to prevent him from spending as much of our money as he wants.

The Fiscal Cliff or the Deal of the Century

The reelection of Barack Obama has increased the polarization of the country and heightened the distrust that conservatives have, not only for Obama, but also for those who voted for him.

Some conservatives are so frustrated they are calling for the Republican-controlled House to give Obama everything he wants so that the destruction wrought by his policies will punish the people who voted for him.  Conservatives see this as a "teachable moment" for Obama supporters -- you shall reap what you have sown; it is a sort of vengeance on those who voted for "revenge".

The problem with such an approach is that the Republican establishment is so inadequate when it comes to communicating with the public and battling the liberal media that they would still end up getting the blame for Obama's failed policies just as they have thus far.

The Mainstream Media's Cover-up of
Obama Benghazi Disaster is OUTRAGEOUS!!


His approval numbers are coming up

The liberal media defense of Obama's dereliction in abandoning two Navy Seals to die at the hands of al Qaeda for his own political survival is so disgusting I cannot express my personal feelings about it. And it is not just me, I saw Democrat strategist Pat Caddell on Fox News Channel Saturday evening nearly in tears over the media failure to report the facts of what Obama has done.

Caddell said,

"They have been in the tank on this in a way I've never seen. CBS days after the President told them, in fact told them he knew there was an attack... I am appalled right now. This White House, this President, this Vice President, the Secretary of State, all of them are willing apparently to dishonor themselves and this country for the cheap prospect of getting re-elected, willing to cover up and lie. And the worst thing is the very people who are supposed to protect the American people with the truth, the leading mainstream media -- and I said in a speech a week ago 'cause I'm stunned, I've never seen it on an issue of national security like this, but I will tell you this, I said it then, they have become a...fundamental threat to American democracy and the enemies of the American people. What we saw tonight, what I saw with Ty Woods father and family -- and the outrage I feel for my country and the shame that these people have no honor. And when will people finally say it? Cover-up is too nice a word..."


I was a national security reporter for sixteen years and I hate what these anti-American sleazebags have done! WE MUST NOT LET THEM LIE OBAMA INTO WINNING THIS ELECTION!! WE HAVE THE UPPER HAND RIGHT NOW BUT WE CANNOT LEAVE THIS TO HOPE AND CHANCE!

We can undo the media with our television and radio ad campaign but the time is growing short. Please act right away!! Donate Here!

You can donate individually or through your business to the GOP Trust Super PAC. There is no limit to how much you can donate. As we make this final push to reach undecided voters, one $5,000 donation could reach a million voters!!

Please consider that EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS BECAUSE EVERY VOTE COUNTS!! $500, $200, $100, even $50 can make a huge difference!


Thank you for all that you have done already, and I know you don't owe us anymore but I hope you will consider helping us to continue this campaign and ensure Obama's defeat next week!

Once this election is over we will be working on plans to marginalize the mainstream media so they can never have this kind of power in an election again.

Scott Wheeler

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Obama failed America. He bowed to foreign leaders. He apologized for America. He sent jobs overseas. Obama prefers the world over America.

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Obama Hasn't Built Anything:
Our Latest Ad Will Devastate Obama Campaign

Obama, government-made millionaire, thinks wealth comes from the government.

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If Obama wants to lie about us, we will tell the truth about him!

New GOP Trust TV ad exposes Obama's cover-up of the Fast and Furious scandal and raises questions about why Obama has refused to say what he knows. 

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Democrat Manipulation

This TV ad exposes Democrat use of poll-tested words to manipulate voters.

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New Ad Accuses Obama of Being Responsible for U.S. Border Agent's Death

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The National Republican Trust PAC is announcing plans to counter attack ads produced by the Obama campaign and their surrogates against Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Specifically, Executive Director Scott Wheeler stated that the PAC is releasing a television ad to counter Obama's Joe Soptic ad, which makes the outrageous claim that Romney is responsible for his wife's death.

Wheeler said today, "If Obama wants to lie about us, we will tell the painful truth about him. We have prepared a multi-platform response to the slanderous falsehoods levied against Republicans by Obama, his administration, and his campaign team."

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Obamacare Tax Increase

Here is the first in a series of television spots that we will be producing and airing across the nation and especially in the critical swing states from now through the election.
Go here to help get this ad on the air nation-wide

Incorporating Obama's own words, combined with the words of his Solicitor General and Nancy Pelosi, this ad will up the ante for Obamacare and its namesake to defend himself this election.

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Obama Ad: Fair Shot for Cronies - Naming Names

Slightly different version of the "Fair Shot" TV ad that exposes Obama's cronyism. Go here to help get this ad on the air nation-wide

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Obama Political Ad: Fair Shot for Cronies

Television ad that exposes Obama's cronyism. Go here to help get this ad on the air nation-wide

Please share this video with your friends and check back frequently as we are putting out new ads all the time to defeat Obama.

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Scott Wheeler's new book will not only rattle Obama and the Democrats; it will shake up the entire political establishment!

Promoting Decline: Obama vs. America

  • reveals details of the corruption
  • exposes the attacks on the Tea Party
  • lays bare the apparatchiks in the mainstream media
  • will rock the foundations of the princeling power structure that now controls Washington!

When we released Shadow Government: What Obama Doesn't Want You to Know about His Czars, it raised awareness about Obama's abuse of power in appointing idological hacks to key positions without Senate confirmation. That book led to congressional hearings and investigations.

Promoting Decline not only chronicles corruption in the Obama administration, and the destructive policies that Obama has used to weaken America, it tells of the Tea Party role in changing the status quo; the weaknesses of the Republicans, and how and why they have let the Democrats control the agenda even when they were in charge.

Promoting Decline also details the road back -- how those of us in the pro-American majority can argue the constitutional case to those who are oblivious to politics and are subject to only the mainstream media version of events.

Freedom vs Obama Control (Radio Ad)

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This ad educates women and independent voters that are being exploited by the Obama political machine. It explains that there is no such thing as free birth control and that their freedom and privacy is greater than anything Obama has to offer.

You can help us get this ad on the air and to defeat Obama? Together we will do it!


The Latest Outrage from ABC

Wednesday, April 11 on World News Tonight, we saw ABC resort to outright propaganda. Anchor Diane Sawyerlead into a package promoting Obama’s lies about millionaires paying a lower income tax rate than someone who earns less.

“The President appeared in a picture surrounded by secretaries who pay a higher tax rate than their millionaire bosses who were there too by their sides, a direct challenge to Romney, his wealth and his tax rate” this introduced so-called “reporter” David Muir’s story which was created by the Obama campaign and broadcast as “news” over our public airwaves.

Muir not only presented a confusing story about the facts of the tax discrepancy that according to analysts could not possibly be accurate, (hat tip Brent Baker at Newsbusters) mainly because it is intended to cast Obama as “looking after our interests” but he went on to distort an unrelated Mitt Romney quote by showing a clip of Romney saying that 92 percent of those who have lost their jobs under Obama are women. Muir said, “Now the non-partisan group PolitiFact is saying that number right there is ‘mostly false,’ arguing the President can’t be held responsible for the job picture the day he took office.”

Media Accountability Project

Check out the Media Accountability Project. This is the boldest idea yet for dealing with the liberal media. This website exposes the worst cases of media bias and provide a direct line of communications to the advertisers of the offending show.

Obama's Rare Moment of Candor

At the risk of sounding provocative or sensational, Obama has now given us more reasons to be concerned about his relationship with Russia. In a scene that can only be described as chilling, Obama was making a few final private remarks to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev at the end of a meeting between the two men when, unbeknownst to Obama, the microphones of reporters present at the meeting were able to give Americans a glimpse of the sheer cynicism and dastardliness of President Obama:

Liberal Republicans Face Tough Primary Opposition

In 2009, the political character of the nation began to change. Barack Obama made the electorate more polarized than it ever had been as he became the face of the Washington political establishment and for many, the apparent enemy of traditional American values.

It was also the point at which conservatives began to abandon Republicans who preferred status in the political establishment over the values of the people who have financially supported them and whose votes helped them win elections.

Associated or Apparatchik Press

The Associated Press is rigging polls again and is not disclosing the startling fact that its polling firm, GFK, has been granted federal government contracts since Obama has been in office. The news may not surprise the many skeptics of the liberal media because they have come to expect this sort of bias from mainstream press outlets, but this goes beyond bias as usual and well into the area of inventing favorable news for Obama to help create the impression that his reelection is inevitable, which translates into actively participating in his reelection strategy.

Obama 2012 Energy Ad's Twisted Statistics

Obama’s billion dollar re-election campaign has released its first TV ad in an attempt to rewrite history and distort his record of failure. We have responded to this political stunt by RE-EDITING his ad and making it truthful for a change, exposing Obama’s personal vendetta against the American energy industry. If given sufficient exposure, our version can fully neutralize Obama's misleading ad.

Obama and Wright: He Never Complained Once

George Stephanopoulos and the liberal media are trying to destroy the Republican field by resurrecting 20 year old non-scandals and fabricating lies and stats to undermine the GOP candidates. Meanwhile Obama’s billion dollar campaign machine is getting another free pass from any form of scrutiny. We will NOT STAND BY and let the media elect him again!

GO HERE NOW AND DONATE to help us get this ad on the air today!

Please share this link with your friends and check back frequently as we are putting out new ads all the time to defeat Obama.

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The Weakness of Obama's Arguments

Obama's latest campaign strategy is just as vulnerable as the one he just abandoned and for the same reasons. The question is, will Republicans grab victory with both hands or lean into defeat? The new strategy presents the same arguments from a different angle of deception, and the Republican rebuttal is the same one they have failed to adequately make, perhaps because they don't understand it themselves outside of a few.

Obama's campaign team has abandoned the strategy that the economy "could have been worse" as the theme for reelection and adopted...

Obama’s Fifth Column –
Don’t let the Media Elect Obama Again!

The media elected Obama in 2008 and they are aggressively working to tear down the GOP field to do it again. This ad is the first in a series to fight back!


Go here to learn more >>

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Obama’s Assault on Logic

A new poll and Obama’s recent statements leave a huge opening for Republicans to expand a debate that is long overdue, and place President Obama’s governing philosophy under scrutiny and expose its illogical conclusions. The Gallup poll, released Monday, reported that 64 percent of respondents considered big government the biggest threat to the nation, with only 26 percent that viewed big business as a bigger threat. In addition, 8 percent considered big labor the top threat to the nation. So it could be said, since Obama has been a stalwart ally of big labor, that 72 percent of the nation opposes Obama’s governing philosophy.

As seen in The Washington Examiner

Who is afraid of a Do-Nothing Congress?

Is President Obama painting himself into a corner by expecting a bad economy when voters go to the polls next November? His campaign team has announced, in the New York Times, that next year their campaign strategy is to go negative.

Obama’s strategists have warned that they intend to say that, whoever the Republican nominee is, it was their party that led to the economic problems we now face.

That raises an important question: If the economy were doing well right now would the President be giving Republicans the credit?

Memo to Republican Candidates

We have already won the man-made global warming debate, why do you keep breathing credibility into the issue by saying "you don't know if it is happening or not?" There is plenty of evidence that it is a manufactured political issue disguised as science. The public doesn't believe it in man-made climate fears. Why not force the Democrats to defend their support of this unpopular and unscientific nonsense?

How about pointing out that the only scientists who are still perpetuating the global warming story are the ones steeped in green activism and profiting from research grants? Instead of trying to split the difference, why don't you instead explain how Democrats blew hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars on a hoax?

Bull Connor Media Turns Fire Hose on Cain

On August 15, President Obama announced his latest campaign gimmick which he believes will make him look like Harry Truman running against a “do nothing congress” -- with a twist: It allows Obama to avoid responsibility for his high unemployment numbers.

"I'll be putting forward...a very specific plan to boost the economy, to create jobs and to control our deficit. And my attitude is get it done... And if they don't get it done then we'll be running against a Congress that isn't doing anything for the American people and the choice will be very stark and very clear," Obama said to the unappreciative Midwest rogues during his flyover country bus tour just prior to jetting off to “the Vineyard” where a man of his effete charm can be more appreciated.

Andrew Klavan: The Green Jobs Answer Man

This expert can tell you everything you need to know about the Obama administration's green jobs initiatives.

The Manhattan Institute's first in a series of animated videos created by Andrew Klavan, City Journal contributing editor and creator of "Klavan on the Culture."

President Obama is staking his entire re-election bid around a “Jobs Bill” that he never intended to pass. This is a political trap and Republicans are falling into it.

We are going to produce TV ads and strategically run them in media markets just before Obama makes another taxpayer funded campaign stop to promote his “Jobs Bill” hoax.

Our ads will challenge Obama to take a pledge that if his jobs bill passes and the unemployment rate hasn’t dropped below 7.6 percent in 1 year he will withdraw from his reelection bid.

These ads will turn the tables on Obama and save the Republicans in Washington from falling into Obama’s trap but we need your help.

In addition to our ads we have launched a massive LETTER CAMPAIGN  to demand Republicans on Capitol Hill use more clever tactics in dealing with Obama and the media.

Together we can speak with a loud voice and take the jobs issue off the table before it is too late. THIS WILL BE A GAME CHANGER!!!!  You can make a difference by waking up Republicans and stopping them before they fall prey to another one of Obama’s traps.



Baiting Obama Into His Own Trap:
A Strategy Republicans Should Not Ignore

On August 15, President Obama announced his latest campaign gimmick which he believes will make him look like Harry Truman running against a “do nothing congress” -- with a twist: It allows Obama to avoid responsibility for his high unemployment numbers.

"I'll be putting forward...a very specific plan to boost the economy, to create jobs and to control our deficit. And my attitude is get it done... And if they don't get it done then we'll be running against a Congress that isn't doing anything for the American people and the choice will be very stark and very clear," Obama said to the unappreciative Midwest rogues during his flyover country bus tour just prior to jetting off to “the Vineyard” where a man of his effete charm can be more appreciated.

Obama has given his Hollywood fundraising friends at Sony Pictures unprecedented access to classified information to make a movie about him getting Osama bin Laden. Sony plans to release this movie just before the election in a blatant attempt to re-elect Obama. That is why we created this TV ad...


Speaker Boehner is close to reaching a deal on the debt ceiling and giving Obama another blank check. We have seen Speaker Boehner cave before in budget negotiations and we fear we are about to see it again. The GOP leaders in the Senate are even worse!

We cannot let this happen! Our economic future is at stake. We can stop this train wreck but we must make our voices heard loud and clear on Capitol Hill before it is too late. 

We have already sent more than 160,000 letters to Congress demanding NO NEW TAXES, REAL SPENDING CUTS and a BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT!

Our letters are having a huge impact but we must continue this effort
before the GOP leadership gives Obama what he wants.

We have a system that allows you to
instantly send a letter to every Member of Congress.

Please help us send thousands of new letters to every Member of Congress. Just click on the link below and you can send a personal letter to every member of the U.S. House and Senate today!

CLICK HERE to send your personal letter
to every Member of Congress!
Make your voice heard in EVERY office today!

Elect a true Tea Party Conservative (Radio Ad)

Send the Establishment a Message
Donate Now!


A critical special election in Southern California is just days away. This election represents an enormous opportunity to send a TRUE Tea Party Conservative to Congress. The winner of this election will likely be seated BEFORE the debt ceiling vote! This race is vital for the Tea Party to increase its influence and power. Our ad blitz can push true conservative Craig Huey to victory in this close race!

Please help us keep this ad on the air. The election is next Tuesday!

TV Ad: These Guys

Obama and the Democrats are using the killing of Osama bin Laden to tee up his re-election at the expense of our national security. Our men and women in uniform deserve better.

Click here for a version of this ad without the circus music.

In order to keep this kind of work going and get this ad on the air we must have your help!

Donate Now!

Set the record straight with the new shirt -
Our Military Got Osama

  • Anti-Military Left Wants To Take All The Credit 
  • We Will Not Let This Happen
  • New Shirt Praises U.S. Military

Brave members of our nation's most elite fighting force carried out a top secret operation killing Osama bin Laden. 

We have waited for this day for nearly a decade. We had to fight the Left every step of the way to bring this terrorist to justice but now they are politicizing this and taking credit away from the Military they continually demonize.

Ad: Tell Congress to Stop the Spending!

Every taxpayer in America already owes more than $128,000 as their share of the $14.2 trillion national debt. Every child born in America today is greeted with more than $46,000 that they owe as their share of the national debt. This is expected to more than triple by the time they enter the workforce. Let’s make sure that the world we leave our children is better than the one today. Together we can win this fight.

Help us spread the word by keeping our ads on the airwaves restoring fiscal sanity in Washington.

Sign our petition and tell Congress to start doing their job and to stop destroying the future of this great country.


Donate Now!

Petition Repeal ObamaCare

Every taxpayer in America already owes more than $128,000 as their share of the $14.2 trillion
national debt. Every child born in America today is greeted with more than $46,000 that they owe
as their share of the national debt. This is expected to more than triple by the time they
enter the workforce. Mortgaging the future of our country and placing this burden on our children
and grandchildren is unacceptable. However, that is exactly who the Washington Establishment
expects to unknowingly “co-sign” another multi trillion dollar loan.
Let’s make sure that the world we leave our children is better than the one today.

We have launched a series of ads in conjunction with this petition drive to force
the members of Congress to act responsibly and do the job they were elected to do.
Help us spread the word by keeping our ads on the airwaves restoring fiscal sanity
in Washington. Together we can win this fight.


Klavan: How to Behave During an Islamic Massacre

Andrew Klavan is here again with some sensitivity training. When pastor-slash-attention-seeking-kook Terry Jones committed the crude and nasty act of burning the Koran, Muslims in Afghanistan responded with thoughtful discussions and debates about the unpleasant edges of free expression… Whoops, just kidding!

Fox News: Luntz claims GOP Trust Ad Works

On Fox News Frank Luntz says: "We have been testing ads in Wisconsin for the last two months and almost all of them have failed. This is one of the rare times in American politics today when a very clear, very tough message appeals across the political spectrum… "


Donate Now!

Unions: Get back to the jobs you're lucky to have

Public sector unions have been a drain on state budgets for too long - it is time to reign in the madness and stand up for the American dream. 


Donate Now!

Stop Corrupt Left-wing Unions!
Support GOP Trust


Andrew Klavan: Your Public Sector Union At Work

Andrew Klavan understands that private sector unions are a necessary evil in a world in which fat plutocrats bathe in their own money while smoking cigars–a patent fire hazard. But the public sector union is a different kind of animal altogether, a ravening beast with a single red eye and fangs dripping the blood of devoured state budgets.

Scott Wheeler on Fox: Oil crisis, Libya, and the EPA

Scott Wheeler Discusses Libya on Fox Business Channel

Andrew Klavan: Multiculturalism Explained

This time Andrew Klavan explains why we have to be tolerant of murderers, jihadis, rapists, thugs… even the French… if we want to make it in the wonderful world of multiculturalism. Okay, maybe not the French.

The True Clinton Legacy

The liberal media is busy crowning Bill Clinton "President of the World." But he spent 8 years selling our secrets to Communist China, undermining our security. This is his true legacy.

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One Nation Under Islam

The Obama administration’s handling of Egypt reveals a level of incompetence that renders the U.S. - and the entire world – a more dangerous place. In the early days of the protests in Egypt, the terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood stayed on the sidelines. This was out of fear that Mubarak would come for them, and well he should have considering the Brotherhood has tried to assassinate him in the past. The moment Obama turned on Mubarak, the Muslim Brotherhood officially joined the protests and began organizing the opposition.

Meanwhile, Leftist groups in the U.S., which are allied with Obama, were already angling to help the Muslim Brotherhood in its quest for at least a share of the power in Egypt. In the days before Mubarak stepped down, the White House and other administration officials gave confused and conflicting accounts about Mubarak’s intentions and the timing of events.

Andrew Klavan: Stop The Hate!

Andrew Klavan lets loose a double barrel blast of satire that will riddle the body of the media’s dishonesty and leave it lying dead in a puddle of its own hypocrisy until we dissolve its flesh in acid wit and bury its bones in the unhallowed graveyard of bad ideas. Let the fun begin!


Obama Allies Organizing Terrorists

What does the US Department of Justice have in common with the radical Muslim Brotherhood? It turns out a close associate of our Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez will soon be advising this fundamentalist group on how to takeover and run Egypt, further destabilizing this critical arena. The Executive Director of Perez’s former organization is planning on teaming up with the Muslim Brotherhood in the overthrow of the Egyptian government. To the point, Thomas Perez was president of Casa de Maryland, a group known to advocate for illegal alien rights, just prior to joining the DOJ. The group’s current Executive Director, Gustav Torres, is also on the board of directors of an extremist group called The Organizers Forum. This group has chosen to ignore the organic democracy movement made up of many pro US demonstrators and declare the unpopular Muslim Brotherhood as the winner of the rulers’ roulette in Egypt.

Sign the Petition!
Force Harry Reid To Vote on ObamaCare

The GOP Trust has launched a series of videos and ads in conjunction with our petition drive to force the members of the U.S. Senate to allow a vote on full repeal. Help us spread the word by joining the team below.

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Seeing red, PAC is down on Scott Brown

The National Republican Trust spent nearly $100,000 last year to help Scott Brown win the U.S. Senate seat of the late Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat, but now the conservative political group wishes it had that money back to help kick Mr. Brown out of office.

Saying the Republican senator is no different from a Democrat, the head of the group is calling for Mr. Brown to donate to charity or disgorge campaign money equal to how much the trust spent supporting him during the 2010 campaign.

SCOTT WHEELER'S COLUMN As seen in The Daily Caller

Hu sizes up the White House

There is jubilation throughout Beijing and Shanghai tonight as a triumphal President Hu returns to China after backhanding the President of the United States in too many ways to count. Actually, Hu didn’t even wait until he got back to China to start celebrating — he began his victory party while still at the White House. According to the Epoch Times, a global newspaper with an emphasis on Communist China, the musical guest performing at the White House state dinner that Obama threw for Hu, a pianist named Lang Lang, played a song widely known in China as an anti-American anthem. It is the theme song of a very famous Chinese movie.

SCOTT WHEELER'S COLUMN As seen in The Daily Caller

Shameless Left Mines Rhetorical Gold

The shocking mass murder visited upon Tucson a week ago Saturday by a lunatic loner provided the nasty Left with another opportunity to show that they haven’t a shred of decency. The Associated Press led the yellow hoard with minute-by-minute accusations before the victims of this horrific tragedy were even evacuated to the hospital. The so-called mainstream media coverage went something like this: “Most people believe there is a Tea Party and Sarah Palin connection to all of this.” That was before the name of the shooter was even known.

Follow-up reports operated along a similar narrative: “What is this Loughner’s connection to the Tea Party? Has he ever been to a Tea Party? Does he know anybody that ever went to a Tea Party? Does he have a ‘T’ in his name? Were they selling tea in the store where the shooting took place? We have our suspects — anyone who thinks the government is spending too much!”

Klavan on Culture: The Road To Hell

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. But shouldn't it be paved with bad intentions? Andrew Klavan investigates.

Cap the National Debt! Join the intervention

We must cap the debt and stop the government spending binge immediately!

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Why Scott Brown Must be Defeated

An organization I run, The National Republican Trust PAC, raised and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to help Scott Brown win the Massachusetts special election to fill the seat vacated upon the death of Ted Kennedy. That organization will now do everything possible to see that Brown is defeated by a primary opponent when he faces reelection in 2012. Why? Because there is no difference between him and a Democrat.

Now, we knew going in that Massachusetts is a liberal state and we would not be able to count on Brown for very much but something even people in his very blue home state would have understood is a vote against ratifying the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START).

Scott Wheeler Speaks About Terrorism at Steamboat Institute

By Mike Lawrence |  Reprinted from Steamboat Today

A nationally known conservative author, TV producer and correspondent will speak about terrorism and the nation’s political climate tonight in Steamboat Springs. 

The Steamboat Institute and the 1773 Club are hosting Scott Wheeler, a military veteran and journalist who now is executive director of The National Repub­lican Trust Political Act­ion Com­mit­tee and National In­vest­igative Media, a conservative news organization. Whee­ler is the author of “Sha­dow Gov­ern­ment: What Obama Doesn’t Want You to Know About His Czars.”

The DREAM Act is a dangerous Amnesty legislation that will encourage jihadists,
increase crime, and prevent law enforcement from deporting people who are
breaking our laws. The DREAM Act would legalize illegal aliens who entered
the U.S. before the age of 16 costing our economy billions every year.


This film will change this election and catapult Conservatives into Congress if enough voters see it before Election Day. Ordinary Americans never receive detailed information like this prior to an election. This film effectively counters the liberal media and their efforts to protect the Establishment.

We are now buying as much available airtime as we can in critical local and national markets. The more money we raise to get this film on the air, the greater the impact for Conservative candidates.

Please help us in this fight. An investment of any size could make a huge difference for Conservative candidates and the future of our country!

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Joe Miller - Professional Patriot (TV ad - 30 sec.)

This election is about the Establishment against us.

Professional politicians think they are entitled to power. It's time we showed them they are not.

Vote for a professional patriot - Joe Miller.

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America’s Enemies Prefer Obama

Art Robinson, a decent, accomplished American, who also happens to be a brilliant scientist, and who is running for congress in Oregon’s 4th Congressional District against liberal Congressman Peter DeFazio, probably wishes he could have twenty minutes of his life back. That was the time he spent on an MSNBC show last week, hosted by someone named Rachel Maddow...

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Funeral for Constitution at Tea Party Convention

Local supporters of the National Republican Trust mission held a symbolic demonstration to emphasize the Virginia Tea Party Patriot convention theme, the Constitution still matters. A procession of mourners led by "Thomas Jefferson" carried the Constitution in a black coffin during registration at the convention to symbolize how decades of overreaching legislation, activist judges, and finally the current Congress and the Obama administration have severely infringed on our liberties.

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Message to Republicans: Stop Acting Like the Establishment (A Speaker Like Us)

The American people see Republicans as not the preferable choice of an engaged electorate but the default choice of a desperate nation - the last hope of stopping the devastating attacks on our freedoms and economy from the current power structure, led by Obama, Pelosi and Reid. Unfortunately many elected Republicans see that wave of anxiety as their ticket to the reins of power. Giddy Republicans are gearing up for the transfer of that power from the creator of biggest government this nation has ever witnessed to being the custodians of it, and based upon what we have seen in many of the primary battles this year, many of us fear that the new Republican boss will be the same as the old Republican boss - the one that fails to recognize America’s right and proper demand for a return to Constitutional Government.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 15, 2010

The National Republican Trust PAC backs Christine O’Donnell for the US Senate from Delaware

Executive Director Scott Wheeler stated “We will step up in place of the establishment Republicans and provide aid, support in the form of an Independent Expenditure in Delaware to insure an O’Donnell victory.”

“We were prepared to help anyway in this race but will now increase our efforts to make sure this American who is not part of the ruling elite wins one for Conservatives.”

"O’Donnell embodies everything that is needed to reform Washington and move the Tea Party agenda to legislative action. The RNC’s snub of O’Donnell is nothing short of a snub to all conservatives and grassroots Republicans. The RNC’s blatant arrogance, turf protection and the overwhelming stench of its intellectual corruption, is quite simply destroying the Republican Party. O’Donnell’s case proves that the RNC needs a thorough housecleaning in order to be relevant in modern politics."

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Hijacking the First Amendment and Flying it into the Jefferson Memorial

We have heard more angry attacks on Americans from the so-called peaceful Muslim world for the mere mention that a Koran might be burned than we have ever heard from them in condemning their fellow Muslims for perpetrating terrorist attacks on behalf of their religion.

Just this week, in a 1,000 word op-ed in The New York Times, Feisal Abdul Rauf, the Imam leading the effort to build the Ground Zero Mosque, dismissed the concerns of 70% of America, labeling us “radicals,” thus giving us the same identifier that Obama gives to terrorists; gave short, arrogant shrift to the victims’ families; and he refused to denounce his own vitriolic statements regarding the U.S. in the aftermath of 9/11. Remember, he claimed America’s policies were an “accomplice” to the slaughter of 9/11…and “the U.S. must acknowledge the harm they have to done to Muslims before the terror can stop.” Quite a “peaceful” diplomat, this guy, this “universally well-regarded” “man of faith.” But Rauf did something else in his Times op/ed; he threatened Americans with violence if his Ground Zero Mosque location was moved away from the site of the devastating attacks:

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Our "Kill the Ground Zero Mosque" TV Ad

The networks refuse to run this ad.
We need your help to get the message out.
Click here if you want the mosque project stopped.

A mosqe is about to be erected on the hallowed acreage of lower Manhattan's Ground Zero. Where we Americans weep, they rejoice and intend to erect a shrine to the 9/11 terrorists they hail as martyrs. This offense cannot stand.

Find out more...

Read Scott Wheeler’s Strategy for America

Listen to Scott Wheeler's interview about our Kill the Mosque project on Kilmeade and Friends on Fox News Radio 7/12/2010 (12.5 min, 5.7MB)

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Queen of Jihad

Speaking of Jihad, Nancy Pelosi has called for a holy war against all who oppose the mosque at Ground Zero.

"There is no question there is a concerted effort to make this a political issue by some. And I join those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded," said Mullah Pelosi yesterday.

Some have already surmised that she was referring to us because we produced the Ground Zero Mosque television ad that kicked off this whole controversy, and because we have demanded that official Washington declare where they stand on the issue. We have stirred up a beehive and the queen bee herself is now after us.

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Our Mission is to take back our country from the dangerous progressives that are hell-bent on destroying the American dream and expanding government control over every aspect of our daily lives. Our mission is to lead the new GOP and save our economy and our individual freedoms before it is too late. Read More...

Message from Scott Wheeler

Our Conservative values are too important to be abandoned to Republican politicians, too weak, too scared or just too unprincipled to fight back against the Liberal Left's progressive agenda. Barack Obama's big-government, Europeanization of America threatens all of our freedoms. Obama and the Pelosi Democrats threaten our very way of life. Read More...

The Book that Rocked the Obama Administration...

...instantly made national news and led to Congressional inquiries, resignations and forced Obama into cover up mode...IS BACK with more potent hard-hitting facts that Obama hopes you won't see. Read more...

Strategic Ad Campaigns

In the Press

The Democrats New/Old Southern Strategy

As many have known for years and warned frequently, the Democratic Party strategy of race-baiting was merely a tactic to gain political power for their White leadership. Sound really cynical? Take a look at the new strategy. Old habits die hard, as the saying goes. And so, too, do deeply-rooted, institutional policies reflective of a rotten core…like the Democratic Party’s harboring of bold racial animus and disdain while claiming the mantle of “diversity,” and at the same time, employing the most overtly divisive racial political strategies seen in this country during the past 60 years.

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A Trojan Mosque & The Pursuit
of a Muslim Settlement at Ground Zero

Imam Feisal Adbul Rauf and his wife, Daisy Khan, the two halves of the public – and outwardly, “peaceful” – face of the Ground Zero Mosque effort, have proved themselves extremely competent practitioners of modern day media interaction; soft-spoken and articulate, they are faithfully “on-message” with their aspirations to help “bridge” the cultural divide, and to be regarded as the “anti-terrorists.”

Rauf and Kahn are nimble, and seemingly non-threatening. They are also the lucky beneficiaries of a compliant and un-inquisitive media.

For who can honestly begrudge Rauf and Kahn their inability to reconcile Rauf’s post-911 assertion that America was an “accessory” to the terrorist slaughter of 3,000 of her own; their refusal to disclose the sources of the $100 Million they are raising; or their malleable condemnation of “terrorism?”

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Running from sheep, sleeping with wolves
The media, tea parties, and radical Muslims

Here’s a seemingly simple question: What is scarier? A loosely organized group of American citizens, expressing their peaceful – if passionate – discontent with their representative government by congregating en masse in a public place? OR, a well-funded, smartly organized, subversive, fearless and deeply militant, ruthlessly committed group of freedom-hating, America-despising, radical Jihadists, plotting further destruction and the violent death of innocent men, women, and children? If you say the latter – and how could you not? – then you must NOT be a member of the so called “mainstream media.”

Ponder that for a moment. And before you dismiss it as a gratuitously incendiary conversation-starter, ask yourself these Five Salient Questions:

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Full credit to Obama on his command, or lack thereof

Of the many interesting narratives swirling around the Obama/McChrystal saga, the least explored to date— less than 24 hours in—the subtleties in messaging are worth noting.

Of these vaguely insinuating, dual messages put forth by Democrats and their not-so-silent brethren in the mainstream media:

1. President Obama’s swift dismissal of Gen. Stanley McChrystal demonstrates his solid command of the military, his decisive nature, and his commitment to success in Afghanistan; and

2. that McChrystal is just one more cobwebbed item on a forgotten back shelf of the Presidential pantry, another staple of the Bush administration, whose expiration date has come and gone.

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Obama Pays Back Political Favor

President Obama has now made the United States an official “state sponsor of terrorism” a designation, applied to other countries, would mean no aid or trade with the US. It is unclear how Obama’s actions will affect our ability to trade with ourselves as a nation.

On June 9, President Obama announced a 400 million dollar aid package to the West Bank and Gaza, which are currently two separate entities; the West Bank under the control of Mahmoud Abbas, a moderate by radical Islamic standards, Gaza is run by the democratically elected Islamic Resistance Movement known otherwise as the terrorist group Hamas. Obama was trying to be sneaky in announcing this “aid package” to Gaza with Abbas present thus conflating the moderate with the radical terrorist group Hamas, a clear attempt to avoid scrutiny of handing over American’s money directly to a terrorist organization that has murdered American citizens.

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Scott Wheeler, the Executive Director of the National Republican Trust PAC (, the nation’s leading conservative PAC, released the following statement regarding the President’s primetime speech on the Gulf oil crisis.

“Last night, Americans gathered around their TVs hoping to see our Commander in Chief demonstrate competent leadership by outlining a simple, effective, commonsense plan for solving the Gulf Coast crisis. Instead of providing a plan to stop the leak, clean up the mess, and generate some economic recovery in the Gulf, President Bankrupt Hussein Obama devoted more than half of his primetime speech to peddle a pillar of the liberal left's agenda, namely, cap and trade legislation that would amount to the largest tax increase in the history of the world.”

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Leaders of the New GOP (Rush Limbaugh Ad)

Our new 30-sec. radio ad
aired on Rush Limbaugh show.

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Bitter Clingers in PA vote for Tim Burns

A 60-sec. radio ad. Click here to listen

Obama has ridiculed voters in rural districts like this Western Pennsylvania Dstrict calling them “bitter” and stating they “cling to their guns and religion.” He has even labeled these hardworking taxpayers as racist. Now he has the audacity to ask these proud Americans to vote for one of his , Washington insider, career politician cronies.

Download here: "Bitter Clinger"

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Mark Critz, Washington insider:
We DO know who you are

PA-12 Special Election, May 18, 2010. Mark Critz is just another Washington insider, while Tim Burns is a pro-business, conservative, limited-government candidate and NOT a career politician. 

It is a spoof of an ad run by the State Department of Taxation that Pennsylvanians are all too familiar with. Only this time it exposes longtime insider status of the liberal Democrat nominee.

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Obama & Goldman Sachs: Wall Street Corruption Ad
by The National Republican Trust PAC

Obama and the Democrats think they can fool you into believing they’re tough on Wall Street when in fact most Wall Street money goes to Democrats. This ad calls for a special prosecutor to investigate the links between Wall Street banks, the Obama White House, and those who profited by the taxpayer- funded bailout.

Click here to keep this ad on the air >> See below for more information.

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SCOTT WHEELER'S COLUMN As seen in The Daily Caller

The Corrupt Party and the Stupid Party

Guess who the stupid party is? For many years I have heard this headline phrase in different incarnations and it has never been truer than it is today. The Democrats are laying down a pair of deuces and telling the Republicans that it is a royal flush. What is so silly is that Republicans fold with a full house after the Democrats play the deuces. John Stuart Mill may have had something.

Watching the farcical debate over Obama’s so called financial reform bill one could be easily misled into believing that Republicans have taken lots of money from corrupt Wall Street bankers and are allowing them to write the reform bill to favor Wall Street. Democrats said as much to Politico on Wednesday.

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Shadow Government:

What Obama Doesn't Want You
To Know About His Czars

by Scott Wheeler and Peter Leitner

The book that rocked the Obama Administration, instantly made national news and led to Congressional inquiries, resignations and forced Obama into cover up mode...IS BACK with more potent hard-hitting facts that Obama hopes you won't see.

The Final Updated Copy of Shadow Government: What Obama Doesn’t Want You to Know About His Czars, a detailed, no holds barred dossier on all 43 of Obama’s handpicked Czars.

  • Nine new chapters covering the czars appointed after the advance copy was released
  • Updates on new Czar resignations (Jones, Kashkari, DeParle) and attempted resignations (Mitchell)
  • New Congressional calls for hearings, investigations and resignations
  • Hundreds of new, shocking details illustrating even more radical ties and hidden agendas

Watch Scott Wheeler discussing Obama's czars on Fox & Friends and in the process defeating Obama's apologist.

Click here to support our campaign to retake America

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CNBC - Scott WheelerAre Dems Bullying Business?
Scott Wheeler on CNBC

Airtime: Mon. Apr. 5 2010

Discussing whether the Democratic agenda is harming business, with Mike Papantonio, attorney and Scott Wheeler, National Republican Trust PAC.

CNBC Web Page >>

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Lies, Damned Lies, and Healthcare

President Obama has finally passed his massive healthcare bill, although the staggering cost to the American people has yet to be determined; the attendant increase in taxes and misery, as well as a corresponding decline in quality and standards will most likely remain unquantifiable for many years to come.

Several Republican legislators dutifully reported disturbing elements of the healthcare bill, even as the reigning Democrats in the House of Representatives played bait and switch with the final bill’s contents. But no one confronted the President about his bold lies concerning the current state of health insurance in the United States. Those lies were legion.

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What makes Americans Angry?

A 60-sec. radio ad.

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Obama Stimulating a Marxist Revolution
Using Taxpayer Funds

Jed Brandt, a longtime communist representing The Brecht Forum

UPDATED 3/10/10 (new information on communists getting tax money)

A Marxist group that has demanded the “destruction” of the U.S. and issued a call "to bring this Government down," is the recipient of stimulus funds from the Obama American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. This same group, The Brecht Forum, has also called for the complete takeover of insurance companies and farms in America.

The controversial stimulus bill, as it is better known, provided funds for the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA), which promptly granted New York City based The Brecht Forum $5,000 in 2009 and $9,000 in 2010. The NYSCA had previously announced in 2008 that due to state budget cuts it would no longer be able to fund 573 organizations that it had previously funded. One of the groups on the list to be slashed was The Brecht Forum. After securing funds from the stimulus bill in the amount of $399,000, The Brecht Forum was once again funded by NYSCA.

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The Democrats are really going to hate us for this

Our new 30-sec. radio ad. Click here to listen

blue dogHey, Blue Dog Democrat...

You've been fibbing to the people who voted you into office... telling them you represent their interests while you consistently vote for Nancy Pelosi's far left San Francisco agenda of reckless spending, big government control and catastrophic deficits. Check your score, Blue Dog, at "Pelosi Index dot com". You'll want to know, because soon, all your voters will. Paid for by National Republican Trust PAC, GOP Trust dot com. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.


Recovering Character in an Age of Greed

When Freedom is Threatened – Duty Responds

I am uncomfortable defending Wall Street Greed, yet I am even more uncomfortable with the threat of Government greed.

Wall Street greed at its worst can lead to corporate failures and fortunes lost. Government greed leads to freedom failure and loss of the American Dream. Wall Street greed, as unseemly as it may be, is self-correctable within free markets. Government Greed is correctable only by good citizens, timely doing their Duty.

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Pelosi YouTube humor: Stuck Behind Closed Doors with Nancy Pelosi


Tea Party Movement vs. the Elites

The most recent media attacks on the Tea Party movement have some of their populist defenders nervous. Bill O’Reilly on his February 16 broadcast, following the publication of a New York Times article, asked Sarah Palin this question: "Do you think the birther people should have a place at the Tea Party table…do you see the danger if that becomes the headline…?"

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National Republican Trust PAC Responds to President’s Cry for Help:

"Obama’s Moment of Clarity: The President has finally recognized he has a spending problem and is asking Congress to initiate an intervention."
- Scott Wheeler, Executive Director, NRT PAC

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National Republican
Trust PAC Congratulates
Scott Brown

“Scott Brown’s win was an alarm bell that Washington needs to get back to work on behalf of Main Street, truck-driving Americans. If Obama and Pelosi continue to be in denial, November’s elections will be a very rude awakening for them both, and like-minded members of Congress.”
- Scott Wheeler, Executive Director, NRT PAC

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Elect Scott Brown, Defeat Martha Coakley!
(Massachusetts Special Election Ad by GOP Trust)

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New York: Three Candidates, Two Choices

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National Democrats vs. Virginians: TV Ad

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Obama, Pelosi Cant Stop Spending!

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